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SOOOOOO its been a week and we have been crackin' away at Sal's car. here is where we are on progress:

The turbo kit is pretty much completely on the car. we, at the time this pic was taken, were still waiting for the vanos unit to come back from Doc Vanos. that came in yesterday and the cams and vanos are going back in today.

Steering column gauges installed and checked.

Methanol for more POAWAAAAAAH!!!!

Intercooler and piping is in and ready to go.

This is my personal favorite part of these kits. a little sneaky pete if you will. It's a secret. The methanol activation switch is so cool because unlike the seemingly arduous task of draining your tank and filling it with race gas and driving around till you can change to your race gas map, this little baby allows you to instantly go from 450whp (stage 1 pump gas) to as high as 580 whp (stage 2 pump meth) with the flick of this tiny little switch.

Sal has opted for this and a few other goodies including the HPF fan clutch, oil cooler, Ti exhaust, and open dump mod. You east coasters better be watching out for this car. More to come next week. We will hopefully have dyno numbers by then.

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