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Originally Posted by dabears View Post
Cut bread, but replace the carbs with about a 60/40 split of fat & protein. That looks like its from a restaurant, so the oils they use are vegetable oils / hydrogenated oils that are going to make you fat.

Remember this... restaurants = business so even the "healthiest" of restaurants cut costs by using soy fillers, hydrogenated oils instead of olive/coconut etc... plus loads of preservatives in their food.

There are a few quality restaurants you can find that are legitimately healthy, but you will pay for it. Anytime I go eat at a restaurant I consider it a cheat meal, because I know theres some form of crap in the food I'm getting no matter what I order.

Ditch the ketchup btw, its pure chemically processed sugar and personally I think it ruins the taste of food... if you stop using it you will understand.

Why do you eat a weak breakfast? Why couldn't you cook that meal you posted at home? I cook eggs and bacon or sausage every single morning and have eaten it within 15 minutes. It's really not as hard as you think
I think you're kinda overthinking it here for OP. Simple is better. Rest days high fat/low carbs. Lift days low fat, high carbs... all while keeping protein high.

Pretty much same here. unless it's to a place like Subway where I sometimes like to go for my PWO meal. One of the low fat high protein, high carbs subs, Sweet onion teriyaki with double meat...

Yesterday I was forced to go to this beach bar, bacon cheeseburger cheesefries, calamari, 2 pitchers. LOL oh man. I had a lil more strength in the gym today
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