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Originally Posted by albeee View Post
You sister needs to be put under the guidance of more uh, traditional Asian parents. They would have her bf's head on a stick in the front yard.
My older half brother seemed like he had the most strict upbringing, and mostly grew up on his own from high school onward. I had a not so strict upbringing, and grew up on my own from college onward.

My sister has been spoiled to her entire life, and has either been living under the parents or her boyfriend. A few months ago she flew back to Philadelphia, and decided to no travel with any cash, and since she has had all her credit cards revoked, she was stuck at the airport at 3am and had to have my parents buy her a rental car over the phone.

Originally Posted by albeee View Post
On that basis, he might just buy her a house, and in turn, buy you your freedom lol.
Yeah, sadly bf broke his leg, and now just gets small disability checks. I see little hope for him, which I actually am somewhat sad to say because he at least has goals in life, unlike my sister.

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