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Hate it.

Well, I don't actually hate it, since it's not like it's offending me to look at, but I just don't think it looks good.

-Anybody can respray a car in a crazy color, so I can't really give it much admiration just for that. It might be a different story in the rest of the US, but cars repainted in bright and flashy colors is very common in some parts of Oakland. Also, while the color is crazy, the overall shape of the car is not, and because of this, not very fitting. The car still has the relatively tall and bubbly greenhouse of a standard 1 series, and the overall very mundane, car-like shape. Contrast this to a lamborghini murcielago, with it's incredibly low roofline and wedge like shape, and then you have a crazy car with a matching crazy paint job.

-The contrasting black wheels and roof look pretty good with the lighter color.

-The tow hook arrow looks stupid on what is obviously a street/show car, and far from a professional level track car.

-Not a fan of the rear lip spoiler though, as to me, the design is very Mercedes-Benz styling.

-Love the pictures done in the room with the skylights and the large barrel.

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