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Originally Posted by Born Again View Post
I don't agree

The sport is dirty and cheaters must pay.

It was a matter of time before this guy was found guilty.

Guys u have to understand there are new ways to test.

Cheaters have had an advantage for some time. Tech is catching up.
Im not picking on you, but like many have said, a Large % of pro athletes are doping. 99% of football players are on something... why isnt NHL implementing tests??? what about baske.... oh never mind. Thats a diff league of sports.

Anyways.... planty of pros do it. I dont blame them. Look at the way our Society treats sport stars.... they're gods to us.

Id do it in a hart beat if I could get away with it for a few years and make Gazillion $$$$$$$$$

Lance is lucky he got away without any evidance that WE know of.

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