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Originally Posted by Breyton-BMW View Post
I don't know why they keep bringing this up. If he passed the tests then, leave him alone.

Originally Posted by mkodama View Post
The part that the USADA is a private organization that makes and decides its own rules, and still hasn't found anything more than strong indicators of doping, is enough grounds to strip Lance Armstrong of 7 Tour de France titles is wrong. I can easily see how a person would no longer want to take part of something that isn't even part of the legal system.

At the same time, the fact that Armstrong just gave up on the dispute means there will never be any definite answer, only a definite ruling.

Overall a sad outcome, both being declared a cheater, and not knowing for sure if he ever was a cheater. The only thing I know for sure is that USADA and this ruling has put the last nail on the coffin for me when it comes to competitive cycling.

He passed his drug tests when they were given. It is not his job to prove he is innocent, it is their job to prove he is guilty. And they never did that. They have been dragging Lance around for years and they are no closer to proving him guilty now than when they started.

He defended himself for several years and I guess they wore him out. I wonder how much money he spent in legal fees and lost endorsements from this ?

BTW, bike racing is a major event in France. I wonder if the French were pushing the investigation to strip him of his medals because he was American and not French ? Just a random thought............
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