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Originally Posted by albeee View Post
You tolerate filth? Ew.
If it were my rules, no. Everything must be clean enough eat off of, not that you should, and if it takes longer than 30 seconds to find anything within the house, you would get hit on the head with a stick.

Originally Posted by albeee View Post
Also, are you going to Kalim's this weekend?
Yup, gonna run an errand in SF for Kalim, then head to the warehouse to do some 190E work, and then probably about 4:30 I'm going to head down to the south bay to claim MY room. Or, if nothing is happening tonight, I may just head down early saturday morning.

Originally Posted by Wes View Post
Now that Miles' sister is back, I expect daily updates of all the jimmy rustling.
Jimmies will be rustled daily.

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