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I need MAC help. Booting from OSX disc and formatting hard drive

I have working on this Core 2 Duo white plastic iMac.

A client had us remove and destroy the hard drive about a year ago so they could donate it.

Then they decided to keep it and give it to an employee to use at home.

We ordered a WD 500gb sata drive.

I just spent an hour tearing it apart again and putting the new drive in.

(There was a small sensor on the old drive that we did not remove and it is long gone, I assume that is some kind of heat sensor)

When I boot up the computer I get a folder that alternates between a mac logo and a question mark...

I have a retail 10.6.3 OSX Retail DVD.

I boot up the computer holding "C" and hear the DVD drive spin up, but then nothing happens. (Maybe it is only a CD Drive?) It just goes back to the "unformatted hard drive" screen.

I have read that you can't boot a Mac from a DVD that is older than the computer, which this is not the case. This thing probably shipped with 10.4 on it.

I do not have the original cds, there is a slight chance I could get them, but not very likely.

What are my next steps?

I know the DVD works, I made a hackintosh with it once. I do not have access to another Mac..
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