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Originally Posted by Adrian325ci View Post
Well, so I guess the main question is... can I just keep using my factory bluetooth solution for phone calls and then use the mediabridge bluetooth solution for muisc streaming?

Or is that a bad idea?

If I'm forced to use Mediabridge for both, phone calls and music streaming, and I"m forced to use the Mediabridge MIC vs the OEM MIC, there probably isn't much purpose to keep the OEM MIC as well, correct?

Thanks again for all your help btw, I feel like I'm finally getting knowledgeable answers to my specific demands

And if I understand correctly the Mediabridge works just fine with an Android, so if I stream music through Rhapsody app on my phone for example, it should probably work just fine... do you have any info on that? I believe Rhapsody claims to support BT streaming, but I don't know if I'd be able to control the music through the steering wheel or not.

You should be able to do that yes. I can't comment on the specifics of how you will be able to switch in between the two as most people use one or the other, but that will work just fine for you. This also means there is no reason to remove the factory mic, simply have both

The Mediabridge will interface via bluetooth with Android devices, and be able to pick up signal from any App that supports bluetooth streaming, so assuming the Rhapsody app does support that you will be good to go!
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