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Originally Posted by BimmersGarage View Post
Try linux - Make a live CD of any Linux distro from ISO (I suggest Ubuntu) and see if it boots the Live Demo..
Holding "c" key is correct. If this boots the Linux then it confirms all hardware is functional and that your OSX disc is the issue.

Let me know if this does the trick.
Downloading Ubuntu now, even though I know I have other linux live CDs.. I just don't know where they are.

Originally Posted by kaput View Post
Press C during startup Start up from a bootable CD, DVD, or USB thumb drive (such as OS X install media).

The only option for retail media is OSX 10.6, there was no 10.6.3 retail media, since all incremental updates are free. The sensor you threw out is a thermal sensor and will make the iMac fans run at full tilt forever, even if you do get it booted. You should be able to hold C down and get it to boot. The "Folder to Question mark" icon flashing is because it cannot recognize a disc, which is probably the hard drive. It is possible the drive is not functioning, but if it recognizes a command and spools, it is unlikely.

The hard drive should be clean, but if it was formatted any way but OSX Journaled, it will not be able to write to it. You would have to start the install and use disk utility to format the drive.

Try booting without holding anything down, and see what happens. It is a long shot, but if no OS is found, and the computer starts searching for other media, it'll find the OS in the DVD drive. The flashing issue is normally when the start up disk is missing. Worst case, find an apple store and ask some questions, or send me your drive, and I'll install Snow Leopard, and update to 10.6.8 and ship it back.
There is a sticker on the OSX DVD box that says 10.6.3 on it. It was added later but someone, somewhere.

I do not want to take that thing apart again. My thumbs hurt.
I need to track down a MAGNETIZED torx screwdriver in the correct size, that is skinny and fits in the cracks between the screen and the case.

Where can I get another hard drive sensor? After the MAC is on for a few minutes the fans do start to run Full Tilt. (or is there software I can put on later to stop it - as I don't want to take that thing apart again).

I was wrong about not having access to another MAC, I have one sitting in the other room at work, which is mostly or completely identical to the one I am working on.

Let's say I grab the hard drive and bring it back here. How can I then install OSX on it? (I am not taking apart the iMac at work)
Maybe my bootable ghost CD will work.

This is a sensor.. do you think it will work, the mac is more like a 21 inch screen.

I also read you can short out the cable. I don't know which pins to short out though.

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