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Originally Posted by scott0482 View Post
Downloading Ubuntu now, even though I know I have other linux live CDs.. I just don't know where they are.

There is a sticker on the OSX DVD box that says 10.6.3 on it. It was added later but someone, somewhere.

I do not want to take that thing apart again. My thumbs hurt.
I need to track down a MAGNETIZED torx screwdriver in the correct size, that is skinny and fits in the cracks between the screen and the case.

Where can I get another hard drive sensor? After the MAC is on for a few minutes the fans do start to run Full Tilt. (or is there software I can put on later to stop it - as I don't want to take that thing apart again).

I was wrong about not having access to another MAC, I have one sitting in the other room at work, which is mostly or completely identical to the one I am working on.

Let's say I grab the hard drive and bring it back here. How can I then install OSX on it? (I am not taking apart the iMac at work)
Maybe my bootable ghost CD will work.

This is a sensor.. do you think it will work, the mac is more like a 21 inch screen.

I also read you can short out the cable. I don't know which pins to short out though.
Use smcFanControl to control fan speed.
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