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Originally Posted by mkodama View Post
The pictures in the first post? They are all around just sloppy. I'm not sure why anyone would but them on looks alone.

-The single piece flange to the head is uglier, cheaper, and heavier than the much nicer individual flange setup you would see on some nice headers, like euro S50 headers come to mind.

-The head flange looks like it's been nicked with a grinder on the sealing surface.

-The welds are sloppy TIG welds. The biggest complaint I have is inconsistency and coloration. Makes me wonder what the back side of the weld looks like, and I wouldn't be surprised if there were inconsistent amounts of penetration, and protrusions back there.

-Weld oxidation hasn't been cleaned up. In addition to being unsightly unless the welds are perfect, there is a small heat affected zone outside of the weld that is much more prone to rusting.

-Tubing looks hand polished on the outside, which is a pretty inefficient use of time, as well as inconsistent. Probably would have been better to quickly hand scuff the headers after welding, and then electropolish the completed manifold. This would also have cleaned up the weld coloration and areas of affected corrosion resistance. Also corrosion resistance on the inside of the manifold would be improved slightly.

-The finish on the sealing surface of the head flange looks questionable. It's been machined in some way, but looks strongly like it was just put on a belt sander. Not a good for flatness of the surface and good sealing if it was done that way.

-Inconsistent chamfers on the stud holes on the head flange. Looks like it was either done by hand and without much care.

-Grinding on the inside of the tubes to clean up poor welding. Poor design to require this, another inefficient use of time.

-All the ripples in the tubing bends are unsightly, but unlikely to affect anything.
This is a detailed review of the current Bimmer Brake Headers. Almost everything you have said is spot on. Have you seen this thread before? http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthr...bay+headers+vs
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