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Not to bump an old thread, but thank you very much for this DIY. I did this today.

I did it with very minimal tools. I could not find a deep-socket 15/16" or even a wrench of that size, so I actually used the adjustable wrench in our own toolkit! Worked like a charm. Getting it back on, though, was a real pain and I chewed up the driver's side nut pretty good. But hey, it worked.

Getting the assembly out required me to remove the blower motor cover. Even then, I could barely maneuver it in and out, I had to really push down on the assembly to get the prongs through the hole. I was a little worried I might break the plastic housing around the blower motor, but it was all okay.

Everything is a very, very tight fit. The hardest part for me was the reinstallaton. The plastic/rubber seals that sit on the actual wiper linkage themselves proved to be the hardest part of the DIY. The retaining nuts did not want to go over them.

The best way to deal with this is to take them off. Remove the plastic snap ring and the washer that holds the seal on, then take the wiper linkage nut and run it through a few times. This should help, but it was an absolute pain to get them on. Soapy water helped some, too.

You can get away without having a 15/16" wrench, but it makes your job a hell of a lot harder. I'm just glad to have it done.

I had to replace mine because it was binding and chattering at the top and bottom of its travel. I believe the motor was going bad, but I haven't taken it apart to look yet. The first thing I noticed after I tested it was how quiet this motor is. It's really, really silent.

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