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I wish i had see this damn thread before.

Anyway. here is an update.

My Car,

1998 e46, 323, manual. ms42

Was recently at a wreckers who owed me some $ and instead gave me an m54b30 engine and AUTO box. Engine was 100% complete, even got the full exhaust, ews, dme, etc etc.

Anyway, here is how it went down.

- Since then engine was from an auto, its dme, ews and key would not start my car at all. no neutral signal from dme. Anyway, i want and swapped the auto dme, ews and key for another ms43 manual dme, ews and key. I know they could be coded etc etc. however i just wanted an un mallested one from a manual. and that what i got. Plugged it into standard car and she, started at least, that gave me some confidence.

- i wanted to do a proper fit, drive by wire, 330 intake manifold and ms43. So when i got the engine from the wreckers, i also took the pedal assempley and tracked the 6 wires back to the dme. Picture below.

The dash was already out of the donor car so i took the wiring for the pedal to the dme, took a little while to get, but i got it and cut the plug at the dme so i could exact match into my car. Then i got a pedal box from a 330 manual, apparently the are slightly dif, i dont know but i just took the manual.

This is funny.

So at this stage

she was still a m52tub25 (cable) with ms43, ews and key + DBW pedal connected at dme.

She started, however for obvious reason, required both pedal's to idel.

She was really confused at this point, for me i just wanted it to start, to give me a bit of confident on the ms43 conversion with the motor.


Out went the engine, upon comparing the 2, i wanted to be back on road same day, so i decided against the ms43, allot of shet seemed different. Including fuel supply, m52 2 lines, m54 single line regual;ted somewhere near the filter, this i did not have so it was an issue.

Anyways, the m 54 went back in with the m52 inlet manifold (as many other have done) and m52 engine harness (which is almost identical, except the throttle body connector is obviously totally different, m52 is round connector, m54 as you guys already documented) and besides the m54 harness i had, still had all the auto crap connected to it, so i didnt really want all that stuff in the way.

Everything went smooth, started first go and idled and ran like a champion.
so in summary right now:

- its a 98 323, manual
- engine is from 02 m54b30
- i reused m52 engine harness, intake manifold (which includes injectors, TB, Fuel rail etc)
- i reused my original ms42 computer, ews and key. However i was a little concered of maybe running lean, so i went and grabbed a ms42, ews and key from a 328 m52 manual. At least that might bring the maps a little closer to what a 330 should be.

-- Anyhow was really damn happy with everything, then i say this thread SHet. Clearly to get the most out of the car, it really needs the 330 intake manifold and computer. I considering the adapter plate and etc, to make the m52 TB work on the M54 manifold, but i still think thats still a half job, without the ms43 dme which must have DBW.

--- You have your candidate. --- Im ready to do this.

i obviously have everything to do it.

- i have 330 intake maniolf complete (im gonna just use the fuel rail supply from the m52 instead of the single line from the m54) this will not make any difference whatsoever, nothing there is electronic anyway

- ms43, ews and key from 330 manual
- obviously pedal from 330 manual
- pedal to dme wiring for 6 wires, already fitted to harness, i copied exactly positions which were on the ms43 harness which i got the cable from, the wires are sitting connect in my dme box.

Anyway guys, here is the thing.

Electronics ARE NOT my strong point and u guys really seem to know what your on about.

Im happy to try it as i have everything ready to go, however really need someone to hold my hand through it as i dont wanna screw it up and its my daily as well.

Im keep so can we be confident its all good? Is it possible to summaries at all?

Thanks gents
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