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The NGC inner circle is hosting an offsite swinger orgy of some kind in SoCal. They could at least post pics to give us outliers a taste of their frolicsome nude fun times, but we're only deemed worthy of learning of such affairs via latter day teasing of Miles for his lack of "finishing" and unbending desire to be a submissive, Albee's resulting physical woes, and other such tangential references.

I bet they're sniffing poppers, watching their favorite Michael Brandon money shot scenes and frotting or edging each other to the point of sheer unassailable m4m ecstasy and the rest of us are forced to bed down with our wives/gfs and pretend we're not jealous. Well dammit to astroglide, I'll admit it, I wish I were there to soak in the unbridled enthusiasm for felching and non stop versatile flip fapping excitement.

We can only hope for snippets of the day's gaity via reference in the days and weeks to come, maybe a live webcam next time? Hope someone brought the extra large bullwhip.
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