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Originally Posted by E46Enthusiast20 View Post
This unit it complete junk. The worst $800 I have ever spent. Why would a company sell crap that doesnt even work properly. It makes no sense. It's like buying a new M3 and as soon as you leave the lot the ses light comes on and the car glitches out and shuts down on you. BMW looks and you and says tough luck thanks for the money sucks to be you.

-This thing is so frustrating. The audio on every setting skips or bounces every 5 seconds. (Radio, USB, NAV, AUX).

-The Android side doesn't even look like it even tries to start just a blank screen.

-When i have my phone hooked up using AUX. The screen says "no signal".

Clearly the thing is hooked up and is playing though the speakers in the car.

-When I shut the system off my subs give off a second of just bass.

I was so happy with this thing until these issues started.

I have uninstalled and installed this unit numerous of times and the same things happen. The connections are all correct.

Originally Posted by E46Enthusiast20 View Post
I'm trying to find the latest firmware for this thing but all the links are dead. Even the files from Dynavin's website! Some company....

Jeff don't get upset or anything with my comments its nothing to do with you. Its the company. You have my 101% support. Your great at what you do and what you know about this product. I should have got the WINCE. But now its too late and im going to have to deal with it(
issue 1 and 2 are the same thing, your android rom is stuck in a boot loop, the rom needs to be reinstalled, dynavin took it off their website for some very good reasons, if you need the ROM all you have to do is ask your dealer (me) for it......

The screen says no signal because its an A/V input and you are not feeding it a video signal.....thus "no signal"

you have a turn off thump with your sub.....this is a VERY common thing in car audio and does not have anything to do with the dynavin, it has to do with the order in which your components are turning off, a good installer can easily figure this out and fix your issue.

Although you are asking me to not be upset about your comments these types of comments are a bit inflammatory....and inaccurate. The reason I have been doing business with dynavin the last couple years is because they ARE responsive and DO care about making their product as good as possible and they DO support and back up their warranties etc......

2 of your 3 problems have to do with installation of other equipment and/or a misunderstanding of a those other pieces functions, and the third (the ROM being unavailable) is because they are changing something you dont know about on their website, no need to bad mouth them as a company when all you have to do is ask me for help. You used an analogy to buying an M3 and having issues with it.....if you called BMW to complain and want service, they would tell you to talk to your to your dealer!

Edit: and now I find out your unit is also second hand....Ill be happy to help you out with the ROM but you must realize that when you buy something second hand it opens the window for all kinds of issues....

For anyone reading this in the future, question #1 in my FAQ deals with the WinCE vs Android question....There are also links to all of the forum threads.....I cant make it any more clear, if you dont bother to read it and make an informed decision, neither Dynavin or I can be responsible for that.....

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