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Originally Posted by Gene110 View Post
My unit is not even 6 mos old can I send it back for an exchange? Having too many issues with it....
Gene if you are having issues you should be talking to me about them. 95% of the "issues" that i hear about are user/installation error...and if they aren't, thats what warranties are for. But I cant help you if I dont know what your problems are.

Also, go back to the beginning....nobody said these were fact, before I was a dealer I was the guy who wrote the original review/thread on these, I gave the old units a 6/10, lots of functionality, lots of rough edges. But the best of the available options. With the D99 units a lot of the rough edges are now gone but it still seems that unrealistic expectations seem to be rampant on this forum....

Now with that said, I also understand that you cant please 100% of the people 100% of the time, so maybe its just not for you.

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