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Originally Posted by jeffb325@DynavinSolutions View Post
The reason I have been doing business with dynavin the last couple years is because they ARE responsive and DO care about making their product as good as possible and they DO support and back up their warranties etc......
Hi Jeff, my wifi has worked reliably once. (by reliably, I mean I was able to download 1 GB worth of data to install Sygic as my offline nav application).

Since then, it's either worked for 20 seconds or for the past 5 months, the wifi turns on and then turns off 6 seconds later, no matter which ROM I try (stock or M3Evolution's rooted ROM). I tried two different wifi dongles (the one provided and a Belkin I read worked well).

Just curious what your take is on this?

I read there's an issue with Android 2.2 with wifi. Is this accurate? Have you heard about other units having wifi issues?

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