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I do not like Swiss Cheese except on a rueben.
Most fish(except for raw fish, I could live off of sushi)
How restaurants make or call stuff crab cakes
Lemon sauces
Lemon in my water(absolutely hate it and it ruins water yeah I know im like the only person in the world)
Tomatoes 99% of the time
Lettuce on anything but a salad or lettuce wraps
Grilled Chicken breast is just terrible

Originally Posted by brew View Post
I hate going to a fancy restaurant and seeing chicken breast on the menu . . or grilled white fish. And the fish is always insanely expensive and, like the chicken breast, served in a really boring fashion. It pisses me off, because I imagine that if they didn't have those two dishes, they would probably have something awesome on there instead.

Sandwiches at jewish delis - the ones that are just 3/4 lbs of deli meat piled 5 inches high on rye bread with nothing else. And the people who rave about how awesome they are. It's like eating a plate of pastrami with a fork and chasing it with a tiny slice of crappy bread. A decent sandwich needs a balance of at least 5 different ingredients.

Spaghetti - I know it's identical to every other pasta except for its shape, but for some reason it almost always sucks. Can't hold sauce well, tricky to cook right.
It's funny, but most of the white fishes at higher end restaurants(Dover Sole(real sole not some bs a place is calling sole), sea bass and grouper are actually extremely expensive to buy wholesale $15-20lb for quality fish. I agree with you though and never order any of that at restaurants. but my mom gets the dumb bland chicken dish all the time. I don't know how she always eats it, so boring.

Haha I love jewish deli sandwiches and actually usually don't like a ton of ingredients on my sandwiches(I hate L/T on anything other then a good cold cut and half the time I don't like it on there).

I completely agree with you about spaghetti I never buy it always buy a different type of pasta.
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