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Originally Posted by cd330 View Post
Naw, I just stared at him the whole time we checked out while he was trying to be all professional, like she wouldn't tell me it happened.

I used to be very trusting and nice to people, always gave people the benefit of the doubt. I have had people I thought were friends fvck me over in the past.... this was just another reminder how disrespectful people can be and why I trust very few anymore. Seriously, who hits on a wife and mother, with her kid right there, and her husband and other kid just walked away a minute earlier.
just read this whole situation. and i must say, that kinda **** really is annoying. thirsty males. disrespectful to not only the woman, because they are judging solely based on looks and not the rest of the package.. but to the man who puts up with her **** to deserve that kinda girl if ya know what i mean.
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