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Originally Posted by Jagean View Post
Driving like a tank is not good, imo (for as little as it counts) it seems like your not getting enough of something: spark, gas, air (those are the easy ones to check). Make a check list, and take your time, also, check your codes anyways. My light doesn't come on, but it will still store codes. I just figured my light is burnt out.

also Edz, how long has this been going on?
To be honest it's been off and On but I dropped from 19.8 mpg to 18.8 recently and don't know how and I feel the car drives heavy. So I've changed the sparks 4 months ago, airfilter is a k&n and took it out and it's not dirty at all I had bought the kit to clean it! I replaced my fuel filter and fuel pump last year after it gave up on me. I have been experiencing some idel issues so wondering if injectors are to blame? Have not replaced them. It's eating up gas like a truck!
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