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Originally Posted by swordsman11868 View Post
I've been reading up on the Intake Cam Position Sensor. Just wondering if you have any starting issues? Like it cranks but doesn't start the first time. But the second time it starts?

I'm having that problem and I just noticed a little bit of oil on my intake CPS. I guess it's a failing O-ring that's letting oil leak out.

I've read other people have issues without generating any codes and one issue was gas mileage. I've noticed that my gas mileage is less than it was even a few months ago by about 3-4 mpg.

Anyway, it's just a suggestion. These cars seem to be very finely tuned and if only one tiny part is beginning to fail there can be a multitude of symptoms...

Have no trouble whatsoever with start, starts like a champ but back in nov I went into the vanos and change the seals then proceeded with replacing the gasket valve cover was wore out so change that since it has been leaking oil and noticed cracks on the valve cover it self so got that replaced as well!
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