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Originally Posted by Brem46 View Post
i have a week clear in my diary next month, I will be flying back to visit San Diego once more, but I will also be visiting a few other states... going to do a google search and find some places that we would all enjoy.

i am not keen on the idea of flordia just simply because the hurricanes and the devastation i have seen there over the years.

new york city is great but i wouldnt want to live in an apartment, i enjoy living in a house too much.

without buying a "ranch" i want the space for my children to grow and enjoy the space, something which whilst we do have a moderate yard at the moment i want more space so my kids can grow plants and vegetables (just a fun activity i would like them to do.

i dont mind living outside of a city as quite simply when i was growing up i lived in the country and loved the space and freedom that this offers me, but only being a drive from the nearest city.

a beach would be nice, my daughter loves the beach so again being close enough to a beach for a "day trip" or anything like that would be brilliant.

we know this is a big decision and one which will not be made overnight. we have set up a few meetings with solicitors to get the facts on obtaining residency (green card) in the USA.

once we have all the facts presented to us then we will make a decision based on that.
If you're selling a few businesses, check out the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program. If you invest $500k (rural) -$1MM (urban) into the right kind of business in the right area (and there are a lot of areas that qualify), you can get permanent residency.


Also, the major cities in California are expensive and crowded and have questionable politics. Land within an hour of a major city will be pretty expensive. I lived there for 29 years - north SF Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Manhattan Beach (LA), Eastern LA county . . . and while there are parts of it that are incredibly beautiful and fun, I really don't miss it much.

Look outside of CA and away from the coasts and you'll find a lot of places better geared for a relaxed, fun, unstressed lifestyle.

Check out Bend, OR - it's in Central Oregon, in the high desert on the eastern side of the Cascades and is an outdoor recreation mecca. Population 90,000 or so. Skiing is 30 minutes away, there's tons of road biking, mountain biking, golf, fishing, hunting, rafting (the town operates a free rafting shuttle in the summer, so you can tube down the Deschutes right through town and hop on a free bus back up the river), camping, boating, waterskiing, horseriding, rockclimbing, 4-wheeling, shooting, motocross, etc.

Most of the people I've talked to who live here say that they moved here because they wanted to raise their families in an outdoor paradise. It's an interesting mix of adventure sports and cowboys. Houses and land are reasonable. Last year I moved to a town 30 minutes from Bend and picked up a beautiful home on 10 acres for $440k. The job market is a bit tough . . but if you can figure out an angle for making an income, it's a great place. There are good schools, filled with kids into outdoor stuff, and low crime. In my town people don't even lock their cars . . it's not unusual to pull up to a store and there are cars in the parking lot with the keys in the ignition and the engine running. My 5 year old spends half his day exploring outside. We have goats, llamas, cats and dogs. Our closest neighbor is 500 yards away. We practice shooting rifles in our back yard and no one is around to complain. The feeling of freedom and elbow room is indescribable.

And I'm sure there are a lot of other places like this - places with relatively lower population densities where you can buy some land and have a relaxed, uncrowded life. Someone mentioned Tenessee and the Carolinas. Someone else mentioned Minnesota. Imagine owning a fishing or waterski boat where you can drive 5 minutes and be on the water without ever getting on a freeway. Imagine owning ATVs or snowmobiles and being able to venture out into the wilderness from your back yard. I'll never again live in a place where I have neighbors within a stone's throw.

We moved here when my son was 4. We were living in Portland, OR . . which is a decent place, but it has its fair share of big city problems. One of the questions that drove our move out here was, "when our son is 15 years old and doesn't come home one night, where would we go looking for him?" In Portland, I envisioned him doing heroin with the transient street punks or breaking into cars or getting into gang stuff (my wife worked with paroled youth and gang members and we had a very real understanding of how big it was there). Here, I bet he'd be drinking beer out in the woods with a bunch of buddies. It's a good question to ask when you're looking where to move.

Good luck!
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