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Originally Posted by edz2003 View Post
I checked out few DIYs so have a basic understanding but If you could share that one you think it's best would be much appreciated!! Was your ICV pretty dirty??

My ICV was clogged to the point of no movement. I was shocked to hear it moving when I started cleaning it. Also like I said on page one, take the time to take out your Throttle body.

Originally Posted by Jagean View Post
I was getting 22 hwy/city mile, and that was before I found the oil leak and changed out the oe spark plugs and Valve cover (oil on the plugs). I also cleaned the ICV and TB. Hope mine goes up, we'll find out this week.

When you clean your ICV take the time to clean your Throttle body also. After your ICV is out, its only four bolts, and an electronic clip. The front of mine was not bad, but the back side was covered in grime to the point it was restricting movement. There is a orange rubber gasket on the back, make sure that is in good shape also.
When you get to the hose clamps on the ICV and the Throttle, don't give up, they are a PITA but you'll get them.

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