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Originally Posted by Beedub View Post
Said it before jonas!! Awesome!!

That blower is a great unit , as you know it's the v3si just renamed for paxton, really nice unit, but it needs a touch more boost than the ess kits to bring in some nice tq figures...

This is a great s/c kit!!! Very well done for pushing the boost alittle.

What are you guys thinking is a safe boost on a stock s54?? And how have you deduced that the said boost is safe?

Btw nice to see a comprehensive kit, these kits NEED a catch can so nice too see its incorporated.
Safe boost? well i would say cylinder pressure and force the piston are put up with is the issue, less boost more ignition equal to power and vice versa.

11psi works good for our kit, i cant say how other S/C works if that is your question.

We have tryed the limits of the S54 engine so we know where it blows
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