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I just replaced the clutch kit in my 02 M3 with barely 70k miles, yes i said only 70k miles. I bought the car 500 miles ago and i am a bit dissapointed with my mechanical background that i overlooked the fact that there was some issue with the clutch or trans. It WAS very hard to get it into all gears, and i would frequently smell burnt clutch smell when just normal driving unless i was very careful.

I got a good deal on the car so just figured if something was wrong then i would have room to fix it and not be in the car to much. I guess i just figured the M3 was a different beast then most normal cars so accepted how the trans was shifting. The day i realized something was seriously not right with the car was when i let my lady drive it, she had a very hard time getting it in/out of all gears and couldnt drive it well at all. Well 500 miles after buying the car, and the day after putting on my new wheels/tires/springs, i get stranded. Couldnt get it in or out of any gears etc.

Got a new clutch kit installed, the OEM flywheel looked great didnt need to replace or re-grind. The pressure plate side of the clutch disk was totally broken off. It was metal on metal lol. I not once launched the car or any abuse on it since i bought it a month ago. Now with the new clutch in WOW it drives 100X better. No more clutch smell ever, and i can shift smoothly through each gear with ease. Now i want to change the fluid and remove the CDV if there is one in my car. Im freaking stoked!!!! On a better note, my buddies e90 330i has 130k miles on his clutch and still runs like NEW.

It really boils down to the driving habits, i knew that kid wasnt driving it like a grandpa and the clutch disk shows it lol. I am a happy camper now though
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