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Originally Posted by jeffb325@DynavinSolutions View Post
sounds like its not seeing the wifi antenna.....if you are using a USB extension, dont.
Hi Jeff,

Unfortunately, this didn't resolve the problem.

In short, I tried:

1. Stock ROM with original wifi dongle with no USB extension
2. Rooted ROM (M3Evolution's) with original wifi dongle with no USB extension
3. Stock ROM with original wifi dongle with USB extension
4. Rooted ROM with original wifi dongle with USB extension

And then all 4 attempts again with a Belkin wifi dongle instead of the original wifi dongle.

In all 8 cases, the wifi never worked. It turns on for 10 seconds and then turns off. Again, only once did I ever get the wifi working long enough to download Sygic (1GB with maps) (this was WITH a USB extension and original wifi dongle). It's never worked again.

And now, for some strange reason (this is the first time this has happened), whenever I try and re-install a ROM, the Android side won't boot up. The update works (reading and then writing to 100% with the reboot message) but when I reboot, black screen. This has happened in the past a couple times but the blank reboot would only occur once. The second ROM install would work. Now, after 5 ROM installs (both stock and rooted), the Android device won't boot up.

I too am on my last legs with this unit. The wifi and Android aspects of the device is one of the few reasons I bought this unit. Neither seem to work reliably. I'm going to assume that if I keep trying to install a ROM, I'll finally be able to boot Android (feels like Windows, try the same thing 19 times and it doesn't work and then try the same thing again a 20th time and it suddenly decides to work).
However, the unreliable wifi has ALWAYS been a problem.

If Dynavin really did care about its customer base, I would think they would have, by now, provided a more recent version of Android (Gingerbread?). A version that could still run on the limited hardware but one that doesn't have wifi bugs. Unfortunately, from what I can tell, the latest Dynavin ROM is from last December and we haven't heard anything since.

I truly would like to have this unit work as intended as I'm really keen on having a properly functioning Android+wifi unit but I'm starting to lose hope at this point. From everything I've read, a slightly new version of Android could potentially fix a lot of these bugs but that unfortunately doesn't seem to be on Dynavin's roadmap so for the moment, I'm stuck with what is in my eyes a flawed product. I guess others have had luck with the wifi feature though. I just haven't.
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