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Originally Posted by jeffb325@DynavinSolutions View Post
you dont have a wifi "bug" you have a broken to your dealer, the USB cable coming out of the back of the unit is either damaged or partially unplugged from the main board. Some of you guys are going WAY too far with this wifi my experience (and Ive seen thousands of units) the wifi works, if it doesnt its either settings or the hotspot being incompatible (or security settings). Reloading the ROM restores the settings to their defaults and it should work, trying multiple hotspots rules out the hotspot as the source of the issue, if after that you still have issues then you need to contact your dealer because something is wrong.

The "bug" in android 2.2 is more of an intermittent disconnect or inability to connect on the first try....something you would see only occasionally, not something that would be there every time.
Ok, fair enough. However, shipping the unit back for a replacement unit will probably cost me over $200 in shipping, all because Dynavin couldn't get it right the first time? And with my side clips broken off because of yet another defect, I'm not sure they'll accept it at all. And although I'm getting ahead of myself, if that doesn't fix the issue, where should I stop? Spend $200 every time?
I'll contact my vendor and see what they have to say. This should be fun.

Edit: Email sent. We'll see what they say.

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