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Originally Posted by tnickols View Post
I'm about to do a full detail on my Mystic Metallic Blue 325ci and was wondering what wax you would recommend for this paint color. I was thinking Natty Blue Paste but I read that some people like the Natty Red to let the flakes pop more. I want some depth but would giving some up for a little more sparkle from the flakes.
For a great value I think the Poorboy's World Natty's Blue Paste Wax would be my pick. I love the depth and gloss it adds to the surface and solid protection. If your budget is a bit higher the Chemical Guys LAVA Luminous Glow Infusion Wax is an awesome new wax that is getting outstanding reviews. It really does make the paint pop!

Please don't forget sealants and waxes enhance the way the paint already looks so polishing before hand will help create the shine. If you need any recommendations on polishing let me know.

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