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First off, sorry that you didn't enjoy this experience with us, we shouldn't leave anyone feeling like they need to invest time to let others know we aren't all there.

Looked through all of our 'stuff' on the server - I have one email from you from 5/10 that we didn't reply to, you're right in that we should've at least given you our stance on the situation. We do warranty products, and obviously are here post sale, but something like a piece missing after installation we can't really take a replacement on. If it was damaged when you received the order that would be different and we would've taken a replacement on it, but post installation or if something is broken during installation (when it's due to force or mis-install) we can't accept a return or offer a refund there either.

I looked through all orders too, to get an idea of time frame or who was around then, or how we could've missed anything. I found invoices from you (dec/jan) but not the corner order, going by a few pieces of info I couldn't find it. This makes it a little harder for me to ensure this doesn't happen again, not knowing what really happened or when, or who.

Even though you say whatever is said here doesn't matter, I've got to chime in anyway.

We aren't here to make a killing, our prices are unbelievably low, we have other companies on other forums buying from us and drop shipping to customers, all the while claiming they 'buy direct', they run a business with more margin based off of the margin we give to everyone (seeing these guys flip corners for 70 a pair(!) when they get them for 25 from us directly to their customer smh).

I don't drive an M3, not even a 335, not an M5 or a 911, but an old non-m 5 series. I see other vendors gloating about their M's and supercharged builds and whatnot, honestly, I've thought about more margin and convincing my boss it's a good idea, but he would never have any of it. Seeing how much I make now, knowing that if we increased our margin across the board to what others offer (double, a lot of the times), I'm sure I'd be driving something fancy. If we were profit driven, we'd be making a lot more of it I'm saying.

Sometimes we drop the ball, but most of the time emails get replied to within hours, no matter what time it's sent, emails go out same or next day no matter how big or small, and inventory is updated on the website live - if something's out of stock, it's out of stock, if one configuration of a product is out of stock, it's listed right above the add to cart button.

We recently added live chat to get to customers faster, sometimes email threads take days to get through due to delayed replies or 'off' schedules between us and the customer, live chat takes care of that with 10 minutes and a huge amount of information can be shared, order status, product inquiry, etc.

Sorry that you had a less than desirable experience with us, I do see the one email, we should've replied to it when it was sent in, it was flagged, but over looked. Flagged means we need to chat about it, or it's "escalated" where I don't feel comfortable having the final decision on the issue, things do get overlooked, but I understand that as a business they shouldn't. This happens a lot with returns or warranty issues, I don't want to 'over power' my boss, but most things I can get to immediately. It's always nice to consult the guy who built the company when you aren't completely confident in an answer.

Sorry again - Dean
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