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Originally Posted by smolck View Post
Having owned a ZHP and installed roughly 10 sets of the Meyle for people, I can tell you the ZHP arm is better. I don't care what anybody says, the FEEL is impossible to argue. Period.
What's there to "feel"? It's a solid piece of aluminum that provides wheel location and pivotal control via solid metal balljoints and a rubber bushing at the end. Since both a functioning ZHP arm and a Meyle arm would be solid, the only variation would be the bushing. And the bushing on the ZHP arm is not unique to the ZHP. It's a known fact that the Meyle bushing is relatively solid compared to the fluid-filled OE bushing. So essentially what you are saying is that the ZHP arm (equipped with OE bushings) has a softer feel than Meyle HD (equipped with Meyle HD bushings) as the bushings are the only variable.

Unless you took two brand new sets of control arms and installed them back to back on the same vehicle, I don't believe your claims of "better feel" to be justified.

BTW, if I had ZHP arms, I'd argue the same point. I don't play favorites. If you want to argue the ZHP arms are better quality, that's fine. You may have a point. But feel? I don't think so. Again. What exactly are you "feeling"?
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