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I could've sworn I replied to this thread already. Maybe I wrote something obnoxious and it was delete, but I don't think I would have been too obnoxious in a thread like this. Maybe it was another ccv thread? lol

OP, first, of the hoses a mechanic might see a hole in and which seem squishy, it does not seem like it would be the vent hose coming off vc, but rather the drain hose or maybe the hose running under the intake runner. More likely drain hose.

The vent hose would feel brittle, not squishy. It's hard plastic, not rubber.

Replacing just that hose should be very simple. I'm not sure exactly what needs to come off to get to it, but I think probably just the air intake and upper boot (treat the maf like it's an egg...very gently).

But, even before that, as mentioned, if you're taking a lot of short trips, your oil could get foamed up and clog the guidetube...resulting in the ccv being clogged...or partially so. I'm sure that's not a good thing.

Try taking a long drive--1-3 hours and drying the water out of your oil. You see any foam on the oil filler cap?

Also, get a good led flashlight/inspection mirror and look for this hole. You can actually hear it if it's from the vent tube...use a hose as stethoscope if you don't have one.

Finally, the ccv diy really isn't that big of a learn to put together by taking apart...don't forget that.

What was the mechanic working on that he noticed the squishy hose?

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