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Originally Posted by SINEREOTYPE View Post
Nice progress. You've inspired me to sand and paint my stock 17" rims haha
Are you lowered?

Originally Posted by ALPIN3 View Post
Maybe I missed it, but do you have the vid of your jump?

I'm not gonna hate on your ride, as you seem to be slowly turning it around. Its definitely not easy to throw money at visual mods when so much maintenance is required. If you have the time and skill, start DIY'ing a lot of those things and you'll have tons left over for visual mods.

Personally, I think a clean ride with less going on is much nicer than a busy ride with a bunch of cheap mods. The M-tech will look nice once painted.
I do have a video but i'm at college now and the cd of the video is at home. I'll try to upload it to youtube during thanksgiving break.

Thanks man.

I do not have the skill but I wouldn't mind learning. The problem is that where I live the streets are not flat at all and I have no where to work on the car. I used to be able to drive it up onto some ramps to work on it but now it's too low to do that.

EDIT: also I don't have a garage or many tools :/

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