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Originally Posted by smolck View Post
The sharpness of the steering post install is the feel I speak about. The ZHP outer joint is stiffer and produces a noticeably sharper steering response. I have used Meyle and ZHP arms, this is my opinion. Yours may differ, that is fine. I don't have to have the whole world agree with me. Just sharing my thoughts based on extensive experience installing ALL types for people. Lemforder, ZHP, Febi, Meyle, whatever. The ZHP feel best when you turn.
I understand it's your feeling but it's simply not true. There's too many other variables as well as "placebo" effect which would make one thing "Yeah! this turns sharper!" Remember there's nothing magical about a control arm. It's simply a piece of metal that keeps the wheel stationary on its axis relative to the subframe. The only variable is the bushing.

Are you saying a ZHP bushing (which is just a plain old E46 66mm bushing) is sturdier or more solid than a Meyle HD bushing? That's the only variable here with respect to "feel"

I've also installed tons of control arm sets on E30/E36/E46/E39 (thrust arms) and owned 7 BMWs with over 200,000 actual driving miles. I'm from LA--we drive a lot here.
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