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Originally Posted by smolck View Post
Whatever Mango, you know everything, nobody else has anything to offer ever. I am sure that BMW made ZHP control arms the exact same as everyone else and that is why they are made differently.

How can you say it ISN'T true?

Just as I believe it is true the ZHP arm is better than Meyle, you believe they aren't. OK, so now what? You continue to bang your war drum and call me wrong, but I continue to say I am right.

As far as your last comment, ok you have owned a bunch of BMW's. My last E46 had 254k ACTUAL DRIVEN miles on it, so what? My current ZHP has 161k miles, so what?

I am saying the outer ball joint on the ZHP arm is sturdier than the outer joint on any other brand. This gives a direct feel of a more sharp and responsive turn in. As for the CAB's themselves (not part of the discussion here) I have a LOT of evidence that the Lemforder made bushings are superior to the Meyle. I would list my reasons and experience, but you'd just tell me I am wrong about that too.
No no no. I'm not talking miles ON the car, I'm talking miles I've personally driven aka Los Angeles miles

And again you're confusing yourself. You're arguing build quality AND steering feel--what point are you making?

Sorry but you're alone on this one. The ZHP arm, aside from the possibility of weight and durability, doesn't provide any benefits over another control arm with solid balljoints such as Meyle. Any difference you're "feeling" is elsewhere in any of the cars you've been driving. If someone snuck onto your property in the middle of the night and swapped your ZHPs for Meyles, (keeping the same bushings you had on--just swapping the arms themselves) you're telling me you'd be able to tell the difference?

Yeah... right.
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