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Originally Posted by smolck View Post
Woop dee freaking doo, you drove 200k "Los Angeles miles". Is a mile longer in LA than every where else? I drove every one of the 254k miles on my car too. I drive 30k miles per year. Bought my ZHP with 138k miles in December 2012, has 161k miles on it today. Again, so what? Pointless pissing contest.

As for the other, you are darn right I could tell a difference. I HAVE been able to tell a difference. I don't care if some kid on an E46 forum named Mango with a terrible need to always be right believes me or not. And I am far from alone on this one. Just because nobody has responded here means nothing.

I am simply saying to those who will find this thread in the future, the Lemforder ZHP arms are better than Meyle and worth the additional money.
lol... be nice. Don't get all huffy just because you own a ZHP. ZHP guys tend to be very defensive about their godly parts.

BTW, be friendly before I tell people that you place the weight of your engine and transmission on your crankshaft pulley when the subframe is dropped

Oops. I just did.

ZHP=racecar feel. Fine. I agree. Happy now?
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