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LOL. Hey Chris, thanks for the heads up. You guys did not waste any time! Great. When do you think AEM will release an S54 plug and play? That isnt going to stop you from adapting the Supra based models to HPF BMW builds is it?
From the sound of things with John's car, its full steam ahead.

What is missing that we boost junkies need? EGT info? What?
How are you going to fill the void? Is AEM going to address turbo needs for the Infinity eventually? I am pretty shocked that they did not develop turbo functions for its debut! Are you? Could AEM have done better for their debut?

Sorry, it sounds like AEM Infinity is still a bunch of questions needing answers. I hope this all will get resolved/developed eventually(soon)! I have no doubt you guys will be instrumental in HELPING AEM with some of these issues. Is that the plan? Let them know our boost needs? You are right on the front line. It does sound exciting to be part of a whole new system. It is very cool you are part of a very elite group of dealers too!

I want to see this new ECU really get even more developed to give us more control, safeguards and tuning ability for our builds.

Do you expect the TC to be as good(same?) as Pro EFI?

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