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Update on my car. I know some of you hate what I'm doing... but it's all good. For those that enjoy it, I think you'll like this update.

Still waiting for the rest of the Works Bell stuff to come in.


In the mean time I'm getting some stuff done by Andrew Lang of Lang Racing development. (

Very cool guy, flexible, loves working on cars and best of all... does it for fun. He does it part time just because he has the skills to offer to people.. and for a reasonable price.

He does custom work, mostly, and will adapt to what you want. As we all know, I'm pretty hardcore on how I want my car. Well, I sent him an email late last week and we chatted it up. Long story short, he is installing rear side lexan and rear lexan windows. Now, he's not just making it like a race car... I told him I DD the car. So he said he would replace an OEM trim to keep leaks out and do a few extra things to make sure the windows stay secure with regular driving. On top of that, he will be painting the inside of the windows to give them an "OEM" look. (He actually mentioned how he's been wanting to do this exact same thing to his DD Porsche )

Then, a few days ago I threw an idea out there.. and he was down. I'll be getting my rear strut bar/upper subframe reinforcement bars welded in as well. For a pretty bad ass price. yes, it's adding a bit of weight, but my rear end will be about as solid as it gets without a full or half cage. He'll be using chromoly .083" thick pipes with TIG weld.. he only does TIG welds, by the way. Similar to this:

If anyone needs some custom work done and you're in SD, OC or LA... he's definitely worth the trip. As far as I know, he's only one man right now, but he's trying to build his name! I already like the guy and the only work I've seen is on his race cars. Them shits is legit! haha.

He said he'll be taking pics throughout the process so I can see (and share) how it all went down.

Anyways... standby for an update with pics by mid/end of next week. I can't wait!

(PS windows should drop about 25 lbs and I'm expecting the reinforcement to add around 15-20. So I'll drop a few lbs, but I'll have less weight higher in the car. Works for me )
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