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"No engine bay oil leakage found at time of inspection****
Engine runs and sounds good also showing no internal running faults****
Engine oil is discoloured, recommend servicing****
Drive belts cracked/worn - replace****
Check engine warning light is illuminated, needs service/repair - consistent with fault in
engine management system****"

"Some wear visible at suspension and bushes etc but consistent for age and kilometers - monitor
and replace as required**** Slight freeplay at tie rod monitor/service as required****
Brake disc rotors have wear lips, and will need machining or replacing at next brake service or
at RWC check****
Tyres showing greater shoulder wear and will need replacing as listed above recommend check
wheel alignment when fitting new tyres****
Minor kerb scrapes/damage to wheels****"

"This car performs reasonable for age and km showing mostly consistent wear and audible wear for
Interior showing wear and tear - consistent with mileage****
Window washers inoperative - check water level****
Sequential M Gearbox Drivelogic Check light on dash, traction control inoperative on road test
- Requires electronic diagnostic/service to further assess condition prior to purchase****
Knock evident from rear driveline/suspension on road test - requires further workshop

"Vehicle has had panel and paint repairs to various panels****
Minor chips/sandblasting to windscreen****
Minor dents/chips/scratches to various panels****
Minor scuff marks at bumpers and side panels****
Minor stone chips to paint work on panels****"

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