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Is this normal?

Hey all,

I'm pretty new on the forum so I was not sure if this is normal or not but I wanted to get some input anyway.

I bought some style 135 rims from another member here two weeks ago (August 16). I paypal'd him the money that same day and he agreed to clean the rims and then ship them as soon as he could.

I messaged him three days later (August 19) and just wanted an update. He replied and said that he would try to send them out tomorrow (august 20) and he would let me know in the afternoon about everything. I said cool, no worries, just let me know when you get a shipping confirmation.

I got a message from him on the 20th saying he erased my shipping address and needed it again, so i gave it to him and he said he would send the rims out the next day (august 21).

I messaged him on the 22nd he said that since he couldnt get away from work, the dealership allowed them to have the rims picked up from his work and that fedex should generate a shipping confirmation soon and he would give it to me as soon as he got it. Fast forward 3 days later, i message him because I hadn't heard from him and I didnt get a response. I messaged and emailed him yesterday asking about the rims and I still haven't gotten a response. it's been 2 weeks now since i've paid him and have no word on where the rims are.

I am unsure if this is normal, idk how long it takes for people to ship rims out since i know they are heavy and whatnot. I only have his email addy and username, other than that, no other way to contact him. Just wanted some input and would like to know what I should do.

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