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Originally Posted by froilanr View Post
Seriously cool posting man. I wish I had that a couple of weeks ago before I paid some scumbag garage 250 (Stirling) to replace the one behind the cat bank 2. Anyway, just scanned mine and get three 0.42V and one 0.43V readings. The car has cooled down a bit since I got home 2 hours ago. What do you think? They sound ok? Or do I need to scan them as soon as I stop the car? Would I expect the readings to be higher then? The reason I scanned them was because I had a misfire when starting off from cold yesterday. I immediately restarted the engine and it went away. Checked and cleared codes yesterday when I got home. Misfire codes on three cylinders. Today no running problems but checked the codes anyway. Thing is I got an insufficient heat O2 sensor behind cat bank 2 error code which is actually the one that was replaced and it was an OEM part. I checked.
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