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The oil pan gasket does a pretty good job in and of itself and you really should only need product in a few select areas. Any of those products should do the trick if applied properly and allowed to cure before being subjected to oil, heat, and crankcase pressure.

Ultra Black will work just fine. If I remember right, that's what I used on my E36's oil pan in 2007 or so, and it's still holding up.

I'm partial to Hondabond. Fujibond (Subaru stuff) is similar and also pretty good.. FYI, Honda also makes a gasket maker specifically for gaskets that see oil now (whereas Hondabond would historically be used for everything). I used that on my WRX oil pan (Subaru goes metal on metal with no gasket and only sealant) with good results (no leaks 15K miles after the job, but I sold the car then).

Just be sure to let the product tack up slightly before pressing mating surfaces together, unless otherwise instructed differently on the container, and don't fill with oil right away. I'd prefer to wait a day to be safe, but if you need the car, 12 hours should be sufficient. Drying time and proper torquing are the most important things, along with making sure the mating surfaces are completely clean. I like to use a scotchbrite scrubby. Just enough abrasiveness to clean it well, but not enough that it will scar the metal. After that, wipe down with a lint free rag that has some brake cleaner spritzed on it.

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