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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
Read the recent thread on the epoxy foam (in thread title)...the OP got the gun I think you're talking about and mentions it.

So sounds like you're nearing the end of this, though, no, I didn't read all 17 pages! Would you do this again? How many hours would you estimate it took?

Major lessons learned to date?
it has been hundreds if not thousands of hours researaching and working on my car. I would deffinitly do it again for me the struggle makes the prize better and if im not motor swapping this it will be something else (my dodge Ram 2500 is next, cummins here i come. my first swap was a 04 gsxr 750 engine into a 05 gsxr 600; simple and didn't cost much). S54 FTW!!

major lessons i have learned:

DONT HURRY WHILE YOU WORK-everytime i try to rush while working on my car i break something or hurt myself.

SPEND THE $ FOR THE SPECIAL TOOL-I have wasted alot of time, effort and $ trying to "make things work" with sub-par tools, on the other hand i have bought a few special tools that made the jobs simple.

ALWAYS WEAR EYE PROTECTION-i have been to the eye doctor twice to have metal fragments removed from my eye. nothing worse than feeling pain/discomfort every time you blink

KEEP A FIRE EXTINGUISHER HANDY- nothing worse than spending 1000 hours on your car then watching it burn to the ground because something stupid like you drip hot solder on a piece of paper/plastic. i have almost started small fires while working on jobs like this before luckly i have never needed to use a Fire extinguisher

DO THINGS IN ORDER-i have spent hours putting something back together only to realize i need to take it all apart because i needed to do something else first...Make sure you do things in the correct order and it will save you alot of time
I have learned many other lessons. these are just the ones that stick out to me at the moment.

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