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Originally Posted by Jonshmoe View Post
Thanks for the tips. I love the e46 body the e92 is a lot more stylish but will cost more on the front end... possibility of the turbo failure.... and it's not an M. It is easier to chip/tune an e9x though
I consider e92 for a daily, but if it was a weekend car definitely the M3 would be my choice. Even the 328s are not bad, they have more power than our 330s. If you are worried about snow then get an x-drive.
Heck, even test drive the 1-series.

These cars are more money up front, but they are newer as well and possibly less abused and need less maintenance. Many carry factory or extended warranty so the maintenance would not be an issue up front. Also being newer it will carry the resale value much further than our cars.

I can imagine selling my car for 4k-5k in next 2 years even though I have bought it for a lot more and put a so much more in maintenance. So, if its time for an upgrade I would definitely look for a newer model unless there is something you really dont like about that car.

I am torn between two cars for an upgrade as well though. A jag XKR or the e92. But both will have to wait till I am done with my school and get a career job I want.
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