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Well I would def get the PS level to what it should be. My PS pump whined just before it gave out. Besides the whine do you noticed that it is harder to turn the wheel when going slow? Not hard like the pump is dead but basicly not easy and slow turning like it should be?

Figure out the exact production date of your car

Get a LUK PS pump

LF - 20 Production date up to 09/2001 - Part # 32416760036

LF - 30 Production date from 06/2000-12/2000 - Part # 32411094965

LF- 30 Production date from 09/2001 to 09/2002 - Part # 32416756582 sells these for $266 bucks, which I wish I had known about when I did the PS pump on my car. I spent $400 dollors from a local place.

Also don't get some cheap knock off to save $100.00

Replace your reservoir and all of your hoses....I'm at work. When I get home I can try and figure out all of the parts you should replace while you are in there.

BMW Reservoir - part #32416851217
BMW PS Cap seal - Part # 32411128333 ( I can't remember if this came with the res)


PS Steering Feed Line

LF - 30 Production Date 06/2000 - 12/2000 - 32416764725
LF - 20 Production Date 09/1999 - 09/2001 and for production dates from 09/2002 - Part # 32416774215

From reservoir to power steering pump

Part # 32411095526

Part # 32416750155

PS return hose

Part # 32416796367

I can't remember how many clams I replaced because the BMW ones pissed me off anyone?

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