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Arrow DIY: Entire Basement Rennovation: Nothing to Something

Again sort of a repost now that there's "Home Improvement" forum.

Figured i may as well start a thread mid-process. Since i now have 2 kids, I chose to put each kid in their own room up on the 2nd floor, plus there is a loft up there that can be used as a play room which keeps everything up there.

So I decided to put a bed/bath in the basement for the wifey and I ...as well as help make the unit more rentable when it comes time.

here was the clean slate, the day i took ownership:

Here's a general layout of the basement and what i'm hoping to accomplish:

What needs to be done:

1.) Move support post: one support post is in the proposed living space, and will be relocated. W8x15 support beam can support the added unbraced distance of the support relocation

2.) Add a decent sized bathroom: Install a bathroom in the proximity of the existing sewer line. sewage pump will need to be installed to pump poop to the sewer

3.) Storage Space: Would like some decent usable storage space

4.) Bedroom and Closet: add a decent sized bedroom and closet, keep the high cielings where possible and adding drop cieling where needed to access utilities above.

I decided to go with steel beams for the framing for a few reasons. 1.) the walls are not load bearing. 2.) steel doesn't warp or mold 3.) Price is nearly the same as a wood 2x4. 4.) lightweight and easy to handle. 5.) I like metal.

Day 1: layout of the walls and plumbing for the bath:

Day 2: Prep for concrete cutting

Day 3: Saw Cut and Break the concrete: (dusty as ****)

4hrs Later:

Started the framing, same day:

Day 4: ran all the plumbing and I backfilled all the concrete. Sewage pump buried and running into the existing sewer lines.

more framing:

bathroom walls going up:

hallway walls in the back:

closet in the back right, framed for 36" pocket doors:

Day 5, more hallway framing: ( Notice the support post has been pulled.)

Walls up, Electrical run. Notice the Red Support Post. I cut a 18"x18" section of concrete floor out and poured a 12" pad for the new support beam to rest on (waited 3 days for the concrete to setup before putting any load on it)

Day 9: Framing complete, I-beam boxed in...READY TO DRYWALL:

Everything was pressure tested and no leaks.


Storage Closet:

Day 14: drywalling:


Day 20: finishing work on the drywall (still need to work on the bath)

1 month milestone:

Carpet is getting installed as we speak, hopefully the hardwood this weekend.

Finished all the drywall work lastnight and put a coat of primer on everything.


I decided to use bifold closet doors for access to utilities:

used some motar mix to fill in the stress relief seams so i don't feel them through the carpet:

working on the bathroom now to try bringing it to the same level of compeltion as the bedroom which is awaiting trim work.

FYI, working with HardyBacker board is a huge PITA! I found the best way to cut it is using a recipicating saw... it seems to just chew through blades. Using a knife, scoring and breaking isn't working...this stuff appears to be laminated so you can't break it like drywall. It's also hard to screw near the edges without it exploding

Anyway, i put the shower pan liner in place, filled it with 3" of water and let it set for a day to make sure there were no leaks. No issues. Lined the shower with 6mil plastic and overlapped it over the pan liner (40mil Vinyl). Right now i'm working on getting the cement board in place.

When i designed the shower wall layout I didn't realize this **** came as 3'x5' sheets, otherwise i would have spaced the studs accordingly....so every sheet needs to be trimmed to fit. lame.

here's the progress:

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