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Sewage sump in the back, framed out awaiting a cover. Toilet sits infront of the sewage pump enclosure and the vanity is the right, you can see the plumbing in the wall.

finishing the drywall. Mold/moisture resistant drywall is a must in the bathroom where you don't have direct exposure to water. I used HardBacker board (cement board) in the immediate shower area where it is more likely to get wet.

Installed the recessed shelving which will be tiled:

The shower pan. The 40mil liner extends about 1' up the walls with 6mil plastic on the walls incase there is any water that gets through the walls it will get diverted to the shower pan without leaking through the walls. I put 2x4's on edge and anchored them to the concrete floor. The 2x4's will be encased in a concrete curb that i will need to frame a mold for and pour.

Anxious to move out of my living room... I put the furniture in before finishing all the detail work.

started getting the closet flooring in:

12mm laminate flooring with hand-scraped texture:

acoustica panel drop ceiling in place:

closet shelving and floor finished last week:

Hallway updates: put the drop ceiling in which still needs a recessed light, installed the utility (electrial box, FiOs, Water main, Alarm System) closet doors, finished the flooring. Still need to do the baseboards, trim work, and some final paint.

getting to the bathroom now. I took on the task of cutting 18" square tile down into strips for the shower wall. I have a tile design i want to achieve in my head and this was the answer. 1-1/4" x 18" strips and 3"x18" strips.


framed out the shower for the concrete pour this weekend. The plan is to finish the concrete and leave it decorative so i dyed it using pigment powder so that when it fully cures it's a color similar to the tile, dark grey.

the framing: using melamine board to help with surface finish and mold release. I used some 1x4's to give me my level line for the top of the slab around the edges.


reinforcing mesh on the curb portion:

took A LOT longer then i had planned because my barrel mixer didn't mix the finer aggregate (sand) as well as i had hoped. i would use a mortar mixer next time. Started mixing at 10am didn't finish until 6pm.

ALWAYS WEAR GLOVES!! i felt pressured for time at one point and thought "oh well" didn't think it would hurt this bad. My skin is peeling off today from the strong alkaline mixture. Learned after the fact that it's a good idea to clean your hands with vinegar to neutralize.

that's it for now. I'm going to let it cure for a few days before i pull the mold. I'm sure i'll have airbubbles and gaps, but i'll just mix up a putty and fill them in. After that it's polish to a finish that's not too slippery when wet then add a couple coats of sealer.
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