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started the tiling this weekend.

installed the radiant heating elements. SUPER easy, highly recommended. should be nice come winter:

dry layout of the tiles so everything would fit and i wouldn't have to run outside to the tile saw mid process.

only took about 2hrs to get laid out. just a recommendation if anyone plans on using radiant heating element matting:

1.) apply mortar directly to the elements pushing it through the mesh to make sure it bonds well to the floor
2.) level off the mortar smooth with a trowel using the heating elements as a thickness gauge
3.) butter the back of the tiles and trowel the grooves, don't try troweling groves over the elements.
4.) then just stick the tiles as normal

started tiling the shower. took a lot more time then i was expecting because of stopping to cut tiles and trying to work with the mortar.

So far everything is looking as i had hoped. After the tile is set i'll be polsihing and finishing the shower base.

installed the lighting for the shower:

and after about 12hrs of tiling...i have about another 10 to go.

not to break my arm patting myself on the back..., but i'm really loving the layout of the tile work. cutting all those strips of tile paid off.

i know it doesn't look like much...but i started polishing the concrete this weekend and using a 4" grinder with a diamond cup wheel really flings black mud around well. I was covered head to toe in black concrete mud. So far i ground it smooth and sanded with 80grit sand paper on my orbital. I'm only going to sand it to 220 then wax/seal it so that it's not too slipery for obvious reasons.

progress to date, hoping to get the tiling done today so i can start grouting everything:

Toilet may get swapped out, i'm not particularily happy with the size of this one:

testing the fixtures. the shower panel shoots the water about 20ft across the room, lol. so this is at 20% throttle. Running 3/4" copper line paid off. I have no shortage of water.

shower panel fricken rocks. ***** LIGHTING!

vanity installed, mirror yet to be mounted. Contemplating a backsplash.

one piece glass sink/counter:

I did get chance to finally grout the tile this weekend and, to me, it completely changes the look of the tilework. I used a ready-mixed sand based grout with the color already added (grey). It went fairly smoothly as grouting is pretty straight forward.

Right now, I'm focusing on putting flooring in my kitchen/dining room while i wait for my concrete polisher to be shipped so i can get the shower pan polished and the glass installed.

I started polishing the concrete a couple days ago and will update details later, once i finish it. But it's pretty cool to see a reflection on concrete.

SO FINALLY installed the shower glass lastnight:

I ordered custom glass from a place in pittsburgh called Rex Glass ( and they specialize in custom glass. Their kit provided everything needed to do the install (minus silicon) i just needed to provide the dimensions.

I had planned in advance when I first started the layout on this project, the standard door size is 28"x78". To save a bit of money, I made sure i could utilize this standard size. The return needed to be custom cut and that turned out to be 42 1/8" x 78". The door and return ended up costing about $860 including shipping, while local buffalo companies wanted $1200+ for the same sizes. Decent savings. PLUS i thought the hardware quality was awesome. The hinges are solid stainless and very beefy. The hinges are also pined to automatically return to fixed posistion once they are within 15 of the closed posistion.

Setting the track for the return, which requires just anchoring screws into the concrete and wall. A little bit of measuring is required to get the posistioning correct so that it's a tight fit with the door, but it's all pretty straight forward.

still need to re-install the shower panel and do a final install on all the shower hardware:

still trying to figure out what i want to do with the space behind the toilet...i wanted to do 3 glass shelves, but the wife wants something enclosed.

this pic gives a good prespective of the layout:

mah shower:

installed the frosted glass pocket doors for the closet:

Figured I'd update the thread. I move to West Palm in a couple days and decided to add a tile floor to the shower and change the jets for a wider spray pattern. The new tenant should love it.

And the last pics of the completed work now that I have moved out.

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