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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
Never get anything electronic that's aftermarket--for not get an AM thermostat...get the wahler (OE). Don't try any AM sensor of any sort.

Our ET is fine if you take care of the system--mine lasted 9 years.

Behr radiator is fine--make sure you get the right one for your auto or manual.

I doubt you could find AM hoses for the cooling system, but if you can...don't get them! lol

I think I'll go with OE cooling system parts, sounds like quality of fitment is the driving factor, and the water pump, if OE should last me 7 years or so. This car won't be a track day car, but I'm also not going to nancy it around town either, but it also may be driven on trips to New York and Texas(around 700 mile trips for me) so I definitely don't need to be stranded. The fuel pump seems to be my one remaining question on which brand is better than the OE fuel pump.
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