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Originally Posted by syd9d View Post
Hi Jeff, I just purchased the Dynavin D99 WinCE model from you along with the E46 camera. Everything looks good so far and I appreciate the prompt service. I'm still doing the install myself but I am having a problem with the how to on installation. There are really no installation direction provided with the unit so I had to go to a how to site which shows how it is done on a SAT/NAV E46 but it was done with a V5, should I be following those instuctions exactly? Here is the page :

I have a couple of questions :
1) I have installed the camera on my boot but about the wiring, Could you tell me where the wires go? Do I connect it to the fakra cable with the green wire that has a label "reverse"? And if so, do I have to send the extra long Video jack (yellow RF plug) wire that was provided with the camera back to the front to plug into the the Dynavin to the labelled jack that says "Camera"?
2) How do i connect the steering wheel controls? Are they also done in the back with a small box that was provided? I'm tailking about the little box that has a mini usb input on one side and a rectangular eight pin on the other. If not, what is this box for?

Please get back to me ASAP as I have my car all opened up and I can't wait to use the Dynavin.

Sydney (
1)connect the cameras power wire AND the dynavin's "reverse" wire to the positive reverse light wire. That way when you put the car in reverse the camera turns on and the dynavin gets switched to reverse mode.

2)as stated above, just plug the ibus box into the harness. The mini usb is just for programming and is not used.

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I see nothing's changed around here
I could use your help around here.....sometimes it seems like the inmates are running the asylum.....

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